Conserving habitat for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people…


of BC Grasslands


of the CIJV is forested


of the CIJV is lakes and wetlands

Map of CIJV RegionWhere We Work

Within the CIJV’s 500,000-square-kilometer expanse is a spectacular and varied landscape that includes lakes and wetlands, grasslands, riparian and alpine tundra habitats. These habitats support:

  • 373 species of birds
  • 1,500 species of native plants
  • 43 species of fish
  • 29 species of amphibians and reptiles
  • 94 species of mammals

The CIJV works with our partners, particularly landowners, to balance human development and activity with the habitat needs of the region’s wildlife populations. We work across the landscape to identify high-priority wildlife habitat and to undertake landscape-level projects that range from habitat restoration and stewardship to community outreach. This work is always undertaken using sound science and a partnership approach and with the CIJV’s main goal in mind: to conserve important habitat for the benefit of wildlife, biodiversity and the people of the region.

For more information, consult our Resources section, or contact Andrew Huang, CIJV Coordinator,


East Kootenay Conservation Program

The Nature Trust of BC

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Grasslands Conservation Council of BC

BC Ministry of Environment

Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service)

BC Hydro

BC Cattlemen’s Association

BC Field Ornithologists

The Nature Conservancy of BC

Bird Studies Canada

BC Nature


Andrew Huang
CIJV Coordinator