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The CIJV focuses on habitat conservation efforts that will have the greatest benefits for birds. In the past, securing and restoring habitat has been a mainstay of our work; such efforts have yielded great success and will always be a major part of what the CIJV does. However, to provide the greatest benefit to birds and the habitats on which they depend, the CIJV is working increasingly with landowners and land managers to promote land stewardship and wildlife-friendly management practices. Continued partnerships with industry and local governments are also critical to our success.

Between 2003 and 2019, CIJV partners have invested over 53 million dollars (cash and in-kind contributions) to implement habitat conservation projects. This has resulted in 108,935 hectares (1,089 km2) conserved for birds and other wildlife. Over 48,000 hectares (480 km2) of these lands have subsequently been restored to improve their ecological value. An additional 3,301 hectares (33 km2) have been positively influenced by stewardship activities.

CIJV funding is based on the North American Waterfowl Management Plan model of matching Canadian government funding with non-government, industry and U.S. State funding through sources such as the North American Wetlands Conservation Act.


East Kootenay Conservation Program

The Nature Trust of BC

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Grasslands Conservation Council of BC

BC Ministry of Environment

Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service)

BC Hydro

BC Cattlemen’s Association

BC Field Ornithologists

The Nature Conservancy of BC

Bird Studies Canada

BC Nature


Andrew Huang
CIJV Coordinator